The women who help us move with Kaita, Beka + Sherry

Today, in honor of Women’s History Month, we continue with our women’s themes that drive us forward!

Sometimes, taking a Pilates class from a new instructor can help us connect with our bodies separately and move forward on our Pilates journey! Robin is excited to get Pilates instructors, Beka, Kaita and Sherry, along with those who joined him on the show today.

In this episode, Robin, Beka, Kaita and Sherry bring their Pilates and talk about the transformation they have seen between themselves and those with whom they are working. They also share inspirational stories about women who have inspired them to move forward in their lives and discuss ways to tell more people about Pilates and make it accessible to people of all walks of life. Stay tuned to draw knowledge and inspiration from these incredible women.

Show Highlights: What await you in this episode!

  • Kaita, Beka and Sherry talk about how they found Pilates and discuss their specialties.
  • For Kaita, Pilates exercises are a container for judging how you work your body every day.
  • Sherry loved seeing her client use Pilates to make her pregnant body stronger than before.
  • Growing up as a Pilates teacher helped Beka open her mind and be less judicious.
  • Sheri, Becca, and Kaita share their thoughts on how Pilates is more accessible and inclusive for different types of people.
  • Kaita, Beka and Sherry talk about the women who persuaded them to move.

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