Simplifying nutrition with Culina’s Copper Samuels + our mindset with food

Welcome back to the Balanced Life podcast! To start this new season, we are focusing on our relationship with nutrition and food. This can be a complex issue for many of us, which is why we are looking at a well-rounded and less complex approach to food and nutrition. In this episode, we join Culina Health’s Tamar Samuels, who shares ways to enrich our overall well-being with practical and practical advice.

Tamar is a dietitian, nutritionist and co-founder of Culina Health who adopts a holistic approach to helping individuals heal their relationship with food. He discusses what causes inflammation, how to improve your sleep, how to easily add it to your diet, and more. Join Robin in this insightful and rich conversation with Tamar.

Show Highlights: What await you in this episode!

  • What is inflammation and how does it affect our body?
  • Foods that cause inflammation + Foods that help reduce inflammation
  • The difference between omega-3 and omega-6
  • What you eat can affect your sleep and the ways you improve it
  • Adding to your diet instead of limiting
  • The difference between dieting and healthy change
  • The importance of making nutrition readily available

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